We keep a pretty close eye on our industry, and to date, EZWebPlayer is still the only web video and live streaming host that offers D.i.Y. branding and ownership of the hosted real estate with a feature rich tool set at affordable pricing. Before EZWebPlayer, there were only two main choices for the streaming media community; 1) over-priced, commercial, web video hosting and 2) free You Tube. Now, EZWebPlayer has forced the industry to recognize that it is the small to medium business owners and operators who actually drive the web video hosting industry, not just the “big boys”. The biggest result is the drastically reduced pricing of today’s streaming services from every quarter of the streaming media industry.

So now, instead of having to hire expensive coding programmers to create your custom branded video player, individuals, and small to medium sized businesses can simply use EZWebPlayer’s white label player and insert custom branding everywhere around the web facing video products. Even the URL up in the browser has your domain, not ours. That allows you to reserve your expensive custom programmer for more design hours spent on your actual web site, not the mundane details of just the video module.