EZWebPlayer Video Platform Features

EZWebPlayer offers a video management platform that gives you full control of your content. We believe you should control your content, not us. In these times of change, it is important you maintain full control of your video library. With EZWebPlayer, you store and organize your video library in the cloud storage platform of your choice and simply layer on the video management capability we offer. You keep your video library in your control! The videos never get uploaded to our servers – they stay on your server and in your control while gaining advantages of a full featured video platform to serve videos on your website.

If you subscribe to our Pro Plan you get all this:

  • Fully featured management console
  • Customizable Quick View sharing
  • Domain-Branded video sharing
  • Video Analytics
  • Video Connect
  • Customizable Player
  • Video Channels
  • Video Call to Actions
  • Additional User Logins
  • Maintain control of your content

Video Connect

Keep full control of your video content and use your preferred video render settings – even 4K. Connect to video files on your webhost, in your DropBox, or even in your very own AWS S3 Bucket (**White Label Custom Plan). Video encoding is the biggest cost to us – so we pass the savings along and you keep full control of your content. We offer built in amount of storage space in each plan, which is hosted in AWS S3 and leverages AWS CloudFront for delivery.

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Video Channels

EZ organization for you and your staff— Increased views from your audience.

EZWebPlayer’s powerful and deep organization structure is called Channels. Planning ahead and organizing once saves huge blocks of time. But the best part is, Channels allows your viewers to easily access your library and choose the videos they want to view, or you want them to watch. When getting your story out is mission critical, branded Channels is the way to go.

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Calls to Actions (CtA’s)

Add serious traction with pre-roll, post-roll, and popup advertising CtA’s.

Adding Calls to Action to videos can boost your income. Advertise your own product or service, or sell advertising space to others. EZWebPlayer gives you several EZ ways to cash in on advertising.

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Track your viewer stats in at-a-glance and detailed displays.

Whether you’re sharing videos to entertain, to sell products and services or to educate and inspire, the videos can’t just “look good”– they MUST perform. EZWebPlayer’s analytic tools give you precise metrics to determine a wide range of performance aspects so that you can make the most of your web video assets. Keep your videos climbing towards that sweet spot where they are gaining the most real traction possible.

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Player Customization

Player controls and interaction devices— turn them on and off as needed.

These are YOUR players and you want them to operate YOUR way, so we allow you to make them appropriately unique but still uniform for a truly top level appearance and user experience. There is no limit to the number of unique Players you can create and save.

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Domain Branded Player

Other video platforms place their name on their players. Example: Videos hosted on YouTube display “YouTube” on the player’s frame. It’s simply more professional to display YOUR domain name/logo on your player…or none at all. It allows you to own your content and the player, instead of the other way around. With EZWebPlayer White Label plan, you can point your domain to our servers for complete branding control.

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Your video URL before branding

Your video URL after branding