You’re noticing that some features work differently on mobile devices than laptop, desktop, or some tablets. Some specific examples of things that might be happening when you play videos on a mobile device;

  • The title doesn’t show up
  • Ratings doesn’t show up
  • The HD / SD icon doesn’t show up
  • The share icon doesn’t show up
  • I can’t get the Scrolling Channel Playlist to show up
  • My CtA isn’t playing

Why This Happens

Because of the many and varied mobile devices that have their own embedded video players that override video management, several of the EZWebPlayer features operate differently than designed when playing on a mobile device.

Here is an example list of features that will possibly not function the same on mobile as they do on desktop, laptop or some tablet formats;

  • Channel Playlist
  • Title Display
  • Quality Display
  • Ratings
  • Sharing Icon
  • CtA (Call-to-Action)