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WL – Custom


You will be able to use the Get_Description() functionto add your player’s description to your web page dynamically.


  • This is intended to be used for players that are not attached to a channel.

Getting Started

Step 1. Place this script shown below in your website’s header tag. 

<script type="text/javascript" src="https://ezwp.tv/Scripts/jquery-1.7.1.js"></script>
<script type="text/javascript" src="https://ezwp.tv/Scripts/webService.js"></script>
    Get_Description = function(C_ID, P_ID) {
        D = new WebService("https://ezwp.tv/VideoServices");
        if (P_ID.charAt(0) == "V") {
            D.GetVideoGet(P_ID.substring(1), "16").onResult = function(result) {
            C = document.getElementById(C_ID);
                if (result.StatusMessage.toString() == "Success") {
                    R = result.Object.Details.Description;
                    C.innerHTML = R != "" ? R : "A description needs to be added to this player.";
                    C.innerHTML = "Error: Check to make sure you are using the correct Player ID.";

Step 2. Place this script in the body of your web page where you wish the player description to show up.

<b>Description:</b> <span id="P_Description"></span>
<script>Get_Description("P_Description", "V0000000");</script>

Get_Description() – Pass it 2 variables.

Div ID“P_Description”This will be the span’s ID attribute you want to pass the player’s description to. In Step 1 & 2 locate “P_Views”. They will need to match.
Video ID“V0000000”You can locate a player’s ID by taking the last section of your player’s Sort URL. This should start with a V and be 7 characters long.

Resulting Player