The Default Control Bar

Play/Stop/Pause, Scrub Bar, Time Stamp/Location, Audio Control and Enlarge Button is on by default unless disabled. These controls all fit on the Control Bar located at the bottom edge of the player window. The Bar can be set to stay there perpetually or only show up when needed, based on mouse state or video status.

Each of the main elements of the Control Bar can be toggled on or off independently from each other.

Conventional good application for this will be seen in a stripped down player appearance for a smaller footprint sidebar location of a super short video.

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Super short videos, like under 30 seconds, are perfect candidates for no control bar at all. This can also be called Forced Play when coupled with turning on the Auto-Play setting. Under these conditions the video plays upon page load. The extremely short welcome video on a home page, or a quick summary video are perfect conditions. By super short we mean 10-15 seconds. Playing a forced video for 30 seconds begins to push the boundaries of most markets.


Having no play button is probably a good idea for short videos which have their Auto Play function turned on. The play button becomes superfluous and ill-used page real estate when a short video is already playing and little chance of the video being paused. Again, the above type of scenario is indicated.


To be forced to watch the entire video without jumping to a specific location in the video is the main utility of this feature. Therefore we are still focusing on forced play, so super short videos are indicated.


With no point of reference in terms of time, we are again concerning ourselves with a forced play situation. The good use of this feature is mainly in presenting the stripped down player appearance of a side bar and/or the welcome video and super short play application.

Other than the super short sidebar video, we suggest almost always leaving the time stamp turned on for quick reference. This usually results in more and longer viewing statistics.


Maybe private viewing when others are present is indicated, or the visuals only are desired for some situation, like in an already loud room like a restaurant, or a quiet room like a work environment. Some mobile instances can be suggested where only the video is desired, like intentionally viewing a video during a church service, public entertainment venue, or a court room proceeding—all three of which we do not suggest as a standard practice, of course.

Continual Loop videos are often played as a kiosk or counter top video where there is no audio track.


This can protect screen real estate usage when accompanying imagery, navigation buttons and text information is meant to stay onscreen. Having specific page location of the video is important if the video directs the viewer’s attention to clicking on a specific button next to or under the video window. Fullscreening the video removes such buttons.

Also, using the MP3 or Radio application can negate the video window all except the control bar. Therefore, the fullscreen function would be useless and actually damaging to a web radio or music player deployment.