Find the right fit
for each video or channel

With three different shape options, literally every video shape can be fit perfectly to a player size and shape. All video uploads will result in the player automatically adapting to either the height or the width, or fit into the manually chosen shape of your choosing.

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Before Widescreen there was the standard 4:3 ratio, or as the Broadcast Television industry determined in its vintage days, the 5/8’s ratio. The terms 4:3 and 5/8ths are interchangeable and mean the same thing. Most videos in collections across the globe today are actually still of the older 4:3 “Standard”. But as televisions and recording devices are defaulting these days to Wide Screen, eventually the number of 4:3 formatted shapes will give way Wide Screen videos.


Standard widescreen is usually of this ratio. Both smart phones and modern recording devices (other than movie production gear setup for the Hollywood movie “silver screen” standards) are of the 16×9 variety.


The reason this player can play literally any ratio video you can upload is because it is not locked-in to any dimension value for either height or width. When we released this player many years ago, it was the first player to have such a completely custom setting.

So, whether your video is a 64:27, 43:18, 24:10, 32:9 or 36:10, or any other ratio above, below or in-between, this player easily handles it. From settings that show zero video window for a Web Radio with control bar only, all the way up to the largest width or height available. Standard horizontal or special vertical for tall merchandising, and architectural presentations. Perfect for vertical waterfalls.