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Manage Your Video Library

A simple way to host, organize, share and stay in control over what shows up before, during, and after your video. You and your office staff can handle EZWebPlayer’s straight forward control dashboard.

Need to get your videos to The Web? Do it with YOUR branding!

EZWebPlayer is a hardworking suite of tools for serious web video users; yet, priced for entry level.

Our mission to partner with video producers constrains us to keep pricing at an affordable level while continuing to develop an ever expanding feature set that is targeted mainly for providing the Video Producer with simple yet powerful solutions for sharing and displaying film and video clips and products, as well as facilitating viewers to take action after each viewing.

Admin Console

Your branding ever present at the top of all settings pages.

Quick View Templates

Customize the real estate wrapped around your videos.

Player URLs

Take ownership over your video’s Quick View URL. Works on social media and livestreams too.

The professional web video marketing platform

EZWebPlayer is more than just a place to upload videos. You can do that in several places for free. What serious video users need is a suite of tools that make a difference in the connection between the video producer and the viewer. The following is a list of the tools that EZWebPlayer offers that many other web video hosts do not.

A few things you can look forward to

Like any other public facing PR asset, your web video player should present your branding in a way that gives the viewer a feeling for your product and service in a unique way that sets you apart from your competitors. Our clients are like kids in a candy store as they put up relevant branding on all their web video assets. There are so many opportunities for positive and creative branding— you’ll wonder why you put up with being locked into other company’s using your branding space for so long. 

Unlimited Uploads

We own whole blocks of Amazon’s storage servers which allows us to pass on the volume savings to you, our customer.

Livestream Recording

You can schedule and promote important Livestream Events to draw viewers to your web site and deliver your unique story. Promote in social media, but play on YOUR site.

Customizable Players

You are not locked into the same Player features as everyone else. Complete control is yours to decide how much or how little each Player will do.

Player Channels

Your video list can be handed to your viewers in easily digestible and relevant Channels. Each channel can have its own Player.

Player Analytics

All your Players are metered. This lets you know how much of your videos are being digested. Making effective changes that create longer views is just smart programming.


EZWebPlayer’s Call-to-Action module is an embedded advertising tool that allows you to link short videos to all of your other video assets. Pre-rolls, Post-rolls and image links.

The EZWebPlayer difference, no other brands – only yours, no other advertisements – only yours

Some things about business and commerce are basic elements of doing business, and web video management is no different. One of the most important tools of business requires identity branding. Look at every successful business in western culture and you’ll notice that they brand everything. Every asset that you publish should have the capability for branding under your identity and nobody else’s. When you publish your video or livestream on The Web through EZWebPlayer, it does not become an EZWebPlayer asset, it remains yours. Our philosophy is that if you are paying for the web real estate, you should in affect own that piece of cyber real estate, just like your office, the signage on the side of your truck, and the product labels on your physical products.