Livestreaming for All Occasions

The Nuts and Bolts

Livestreaming for your small, medium or enterprise businesses needing the best forum for getting out your promo, sales and tech videos, as well as your not-for-profit applications like church services and benefit telethons is handed to you in the EZWebPlayer Livestreaming console. Configured inline with the UPLOADING of a new video file, our livestreaming wizard steps you through the seamless shortlist setup and start of any livestream event, whether small or large, one-time or frequent.

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Log into your EZWebPlayer account and create your livestreaming player.

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Using the player’s EZ to use embed options, place the player onto your web site.

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Attach your player’s livestreaming credentials (RTMP URL & Stream Name) to your livestreaming application of choice. Keep in mind that each livestreaming application is different and the location to place your players “RTMP URL” and “Stream Name” will be different depending on the application you end up using. Check out our Wiki if you get confused, we have a “how to” on doing this for a few popular livestreaming applications.


Free, open source software for livestreaming and recording.


A Simple yet powerful livestreaming and recording software that powers countless livestreams and recordings around the world and is the perfect choice for producing rich video content with the video games you love.


A media encoder that streams audio and video in real time to Adobe Media Server software or Flash Video Streaming Service (FVSS). This software can enable the broadcast of live events such as sporting events, webcasts, or concerts — around the clock.

EZWebPlayer is setup to operate with Adobe FMLE as a host partnering technology solution.


Allows you to broadcast directly on EZWebPlayer, Twitch, USTREAM and YouTube live events.

Switcher Studio

Pro platform for mobile video creators.

Live, online production switching for producing professional output at low end cost.

Broadcast Me

A mobile application that provides broadcast of video streams and delivery of video content via 3G and 4G networks.

Used by both professional and underground news gathering.


Within your livestreaming application build your scenes before your shows. Allowing you to EZ-ly switch from 1 camera to another or show.

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Once you are ready, run your livestream, allowing your audience to view your livestream from your embedded EZWeb Player on your web site.

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