Availability Per Account Type




White Label

WL – Custom

What Is This For?

As you add more sub accounts (clients) to your account, they are sent an account activation email. They simply open the email and press the activation link in the email and they are redirected to an account set up page. Here they get to input their own custom password and finish their account creation. Once activated they can then login to EZWebPlayer.com or your branded domain and start using their account. When your customers receive the activation email from you, they will see it was sent from an email address you designate. The email will also have a custom email subject that you select. We recommend having the email come from your company’s support email and the subject be an action item like “Activate your account today and upload your first video in minutes!

Getting Started

Step 1. To get started navigate to your My Account page and locate the sub section White Label.

Step 2. Enter in who your activation email is going to be sent from. Typically this should be sent from your companies support email account.

Step 3. Now give your activation email a subject. When your customer (sub account) or employee (admin account) will get this email, your email will have a subject attached to it. Typically this should be something like “Activate your account today!”


Now as you add new sub / admin accounts, their activation email looks like it is coming from your company instead of [email protected] and it will now have your custom subject as well.