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Search engines look for a website’s sitemap to know what is important about each web page in your site and what pages are the most important to display in their search results. It is normally an XML file with all of the pertinent information on each page. For example, your web page’s URL, Title, Brief page description, when the page was last updated and possible additional links like your main navigation that can show up under your search result.

A video sitemap tells search engines all about your videos. If you search for a topic on Google then click on the Videos tab, this is where it’s all at. Your video sitemap will tell Google your player’s URL, it’s thumbnail image, video description and much more.

Google sees this. Click Here

        <video:title>EZWebPlayer Intro Video</video:title>
        <video:player_loc allow_embed="Yes" autoplay="False">http://d3kedutmscl43l.cloudfront.net/PlayerV8_1/Player/Player.swf?PID=WyOftZ&DataBseURL=http://ezwp.tv/VideoServices/v1?singleWsdl</video:player_loc>
        <video:category>Archived Videos</video:category>

And will display your videos like this.

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