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A Video SiteMap refers to a code set that appears on any unique web site that lists the relevant content of that site to for the SEO web crawlers from search engines like Google. EZWebPlayer’s sitemaps help make your video web pages stand out more visibly to these search engines and also structures the report such that in a Google search, three main elements are visible to the searcher;

  • the video title
  • the video description
  • the video thumbnail image.

A video sitemap differs from a sitemap in that images title and description are featured visibly in the search listing. Thus, if sitemaps are used correctly throughout one’s web site, Google searches result in returning to the searcher all  of the thumbnail images, titles and description in a list form of the relevant content to that search.

Creating Sitemaps Automatically For White Label / White Label Custom Accounts

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Creating Sitemaps Manually For Trial / Lite / Pro Accounts

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