The EZWebPlayer WordPress Plugin has been Discontinued 

Our provided iFrame embed code is so much easier to use than the WordPress plugin process for all concerned that we are now pointing everyone to that instead of the WordPress plugin which we have pulled down. But, since the plugin info might still be relevant for some users of older sites and don’t want to change yet, we’re leaving this page live for your use.

See our iFrame WIKI page for the easier way to share your videos, channels and video landing pages on WYSIWYG publishing environments.

Installing The Plugin

Step 1. While logged into your WordPress web site, in the left navigation click on the Plugins button. Then click on the Add New button to add a new plugin to your WordPress plugin library.

Step 2. With in the Install Plugins sub section click on the search button and input ezwebplayer with in the search field. Then click the Search Plugins button to find our plugin.

Step 3. Once found click on the Install Now text link.

Step 4. Click OK in the pop up window.

Step 5. Once installed click on the Activate Plugin text link to turn on the newly installed EZWebPlayer plugin.

Step 6. This plugin can now be used with in your WordPress web site. Now you must log into the plugin to be able to use it.

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