EZWebPlayer’s Online Video Platform appeals to a vast number of various web video users—Here’s why.

Our short descriptive explainer video points out the powerful differences of the EZWebPlayer Web Video Host that hands you back the ownership of your Internet real estate.

Everyone needs an online video platform in order to compete and drive views/hits to promote your important message. Videos are the new “Images”.

Before Video’s new importance, it was an imperative to include descriptive images in posts and ads in order to gain needed interest and SEO weight that accompanies those images in their Alt-text. Now, even though images maintain their importance, Videos add even more weight and have proven to be the new imperative. Our advice is to use both images AND video.

You may have started on YouTube, but need more because YouTube is not enough and also fails to support the drive to your online assets that your branding needs. YouTube is a branding thief in that respect. So, what is the appeal of EZWebPlayer—why are we different?

For the Single Owner-Operator or Middle Manager

You, are too busy, doing too many things. You, as the owner or manager of a small to medium sized establishment are wearing many different hats and work long hours, because if you don’t do these things, they won’t get done. One of the results of this overworked position in which you find yourself is that your establishment is too small to have a dedicated I.T. department that runs web video successfully. You need a way to get your important videos uploaded under your own brand and make sure that they are targeting your market without competing for attention. And, this video department needs to be simple and fast to operate, while staying affordable.

For Serious Video Users, EZWebPlayer is;

  • More professional than YouTube
  • More affordable than Brightcove and others
  • Simpler, all the features you need

Business and other establishments that have found that EZWebPlayer fits their needs:

  • Marketing Companies
  • Business Services (B2B)
  • Churches/Synagogues/Worship Centers
  • Video Production Companies
  • Sports Teams
  • Entertainers
  • Bloggers
  • Various Non Profits
  • Municipalities
  • Life Coaches
  • Professional Speakers
  • Teachers
  • Colleges and Universities
  • Writers and Film Producers

Key Characteristics of the EZWebPlayer Web Video Hosting Service

  • Simple
  • Professional
  • Affordable
  • Best value – best feature inventory for the price
  • Choice – 3 levels available
  • Best customer service
  • Innovative
  • Modern day success story
  • Personality, team
  • Alternative solution

What does EZWebPlayer DO?

  • Plays & manages video on your website
  • Live streaming
  • Play video on any device
  • Bridge the gap between business and Amazon for online video
  • Bridge the gap between free and high priced (Amazon is infrastructure and delivery system)

Why is EZWebPlayer Uniquely Different & Better?

  • Far more professional than YouTube or Vimeo (no ads or branding)
  • Far simpler & less expensive than BrightCove and others
  • Video on demand and Live Stream integrated
  • Domain rebranding
  • Auto. video site map – helps get video to search engines
  • Unlimited video uploads
  • Great customer support
  • No third party ads, no advertising 
  • Customizable video landing pages
  • Rapid updates
  • Nimble
  • We listen to customer requests, listen/respond
  • Built on Amazon rock solid structure
  • Affordable because of the model
  • Designed to be affordable
  • Built for scalability
  • Allow you to brand your content with your name/logo
  • Custom short url, post on Facebook

Free or Complex $$$$

Scale 1 to 5, with 5 being excellent and 1 being poor.

Purchase CriteriaEZWebPlayerYouTubeVimeoWistiaVzaarKalturaBrightcove
1. Simplicity of use4444421
2. Full control of content5225555
3. Customer Service5124433
4. Unlimited Videos & Space5222222
5. Professional Appearance5114444
6. VOD and Live Streaming5100044
7. Affordable Price5553211

How EZWebPlayer Beats the Free You Tube and Vimeo Types

  • Primary focus of You Tube is a Search Engine, which lacks features needed for a Small and Medium Business Online Video Platform.
  • They monetize on your content and this is paramount to their business model.  They cannot remove advertising.
  • Not setup for sales and tech support, especially for SMB.

How EZWebPlayer Beats the High Priced, Brightcove Types

  • Inside resource states Brightcove saw big opportunity in *SMB but has been unable to go down-market.
  • Servicing SMB would cannibalize their Enterprise Price Point.
  • Sales and Support not set up to handle SMB.
  • Current platform is Enterprise based, they would have to re-develop their entire platform to make simple for SMB.

The Take Away

for VOD and Live Stream, EZWebPlayer Simplifies While Giving You More Value

VOD (Video on Demand, or Archived Video)

The entire video library, whether uploaded videos or auto-archived live streams, are organized and easily shared and accessed by staff workers and your marketplace. This saves labor costs, makes managing your video on demand library quicker and simpler while every video watched is done so under your branding and URL. Sharing videos by viewers maintains the branding that you originally created regardless if videos are shared via social media, email or direct URL sharing from onscreen.

Live Video Streaming

Live video streaming is accomplished via your unique broadcast label with a streaming link that never changes. This allows for pre broadcast promotions as well as for building and maintaining your hard-won audience. Live streaming over a URL link string that changes every broadcast prohibits sincere advance promotions, and seriously defeats the purpose of a branded live stream meant to build and maintain viewers.

“If you own the domain, you should own that real estate.”

White Labeling is not new. But, white labeling video players is and EZWebPlayer was in the forefront the streaming industry to point out and make available the importance of branded web video real estate belonging to the one who pays the bills, not the provider. That branding belongs to you, not YouTube and not Vimeo. Even our free trial and our entry level Lite Account is devoid of any EZWebPlayer branding outside of ownership of the domain.

If you own the domain, you should own that real estate. And, that’s why there is a White Label Online Video Platform Service.

*SMB=Small and Medum Sized Businesses