“Update 2019.10”

EZWebPlayer Runs Faster and Jumps Higher

We’ve been working hard to deliver two huge updates to the EZWebPlayer Online Video Platform — a new Video Player, a new Video Uploader, and we are removing Flash!

No more Adobe Flash

This month our release includes two major updates that have removed Flash from most of our platform and delivers two major enhancements to the EZWebPlayer end user experience.

New Video Player

– We launched our new video player and redesigned it from the ground up to deliver:

  • Lightning fast load and play times
  • Great end user experience across all devices and browsers
  • No Adobe Flash requirement or “Click here to enable Flash” messages
  • Video sharing – EZWebPlayer supports HTTPS sharing and we can help you setup HTTPS for your White Label domains.
  • See the new player for yourself here – https://video.ezwebplayer.com/V7MSwqmv
  • Contact Us to get your White Label domain setup with SSL. 

Sample Player – html5, no Flash – faster response

New Video Uploader

– Our new video uploader is a huge update feature and provides a fast experience to get your videos into the EZWebPlayer Online Video Platform. 

  • Works across all devices and browsers
  • Displays file info and real time updates during each video and image file upload: (see image below)
    • Title of Video (the title of the file as it appears on your hard drive)
    • File Type
    • Upload Percentage Complete
    • Time Remaining
    • Current Bandwidth Rate of Data Upload
  • Files up to 6 GB now supported