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White Label

WL – Custom

Feature Description

For White Label and White Label Custom accounts, the process of “sitemapping” is automatic, meaning it happens in the background daily without any other effort on the user’s part. As long as 1) the function is turned on and 2) the White Label fields are properly filled in, (both  are found on your MY ACCOUNT page) the process is constantly being refreshed daily for Google search engine spiders to deliver searchers with proper data and images.

Sample of a Google Sitemap Search Result

Notice several important elements of this search result captured in an authentic Google screen shot.

  • A very generic search term should return sitemaps like this for your collection of videos in your EZWebPlayer account. Notice the sample search term used in the creation of this search.
  • People looking for videos more often than not have clicked Google’s Videos tab at the top of the page. Searching in this fashion helps Google deliver Video sitemap results as opposed to standard sitemap search results. Video sitemaps are different than standard sitemaps.
  • A video sitemap search result has all of the elements shown in this search result sample, unless someone did not properly setup their video sitemap, or something else is “broken”. Notice the second search item, BuzFeedFood has no thumbnail image. This is not normal. All video sitemaps have the opportunity to present title, image, description and link.

Your EZWebPlayer videos should be able to be presented this way in a Google video search result if your Video Sitemap is turned on. All White Lable, and White Label Custom accounts are setup with automatic sitemapping.