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Plans and Features - Lite


Upload, organize,
& share your videos

Plans and Features - Pro


More Space, more views

Plans and Features - White Label

White Label

Our player, your brand.
Domain branded
video sharing.
More space, more views

Plans and Features - White Label Custom

White Label Custom

Provision sub account logins
with your domain branded
Admin portal.
More space, more views

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Current Users of our Customizable
Online Video Platform

Add video to website with Video on Demand and Livestreaming for Media, Video Producers, Corporate, Realtors, Restaurants, Churches/Houses of Worship, Motivational Speakers, Martial Arts Trainers, Weight Trainers, Colleges and Universities, Municipalities, Video Production Houses and Livestreaming Hosts, Radio and TV Stations. Website video player for putting video on your website.

What They Say

So far it has been VERY EZ. You guys got my attention right away with the “Live” Support! Many of my students will be newbies to the web in general, or just non-techie’s so this is a HUGE selling point, I’m going to stress that when I tell people about EZWebPlayer.

Your help has gone beyond what would be considered normal. It is recognized and greatly appreciated. I can see if problems arise ever again that you will work to correct the matter without my need to worry.

Domain Branded Player

Other video platforms place their name on their players. Example: Videos hosted on YouTube display “YouTube” on the player’s frame. It’s simply more professional to display YOUR domain name/logo on your player…or none at all. It allows you to own your content and the player, instead of the other way around. With EZWebPlayer White Label plan, you can point your domain to our servers for complete branding control.

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Your video URL before branding

Your video URL after branding