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White Label

WL – Custom

Feature Description

You can turn on the site map one video at a time, or turn on the sitemap for all videos over your entire account.

Add A Single Video To Your Manual Sitemap

Step 1. Click on the VIDEOS header navigation.

Step 2. Click Settings for a video you wish to add to your video sitemap.

Step 3. On the Video Details tab, scroll down to the Advanced Options and make sure that Include in Video Sitemap is selected. Update this player to save this recent change.

Add All Videos To Your Manual Sitemap

Step 1. Click on the MY ACCOUNT header navigation.

Step 2. Scroll down to the Video Sitemap section and make sure that Turn on Video Sitemap is selected. Then press the Update All to apply this to every video in your account. This setting will also be applied to all future videos added to your account.