User tested a live stream that is using an already published URL. The AUTO-ARCHIVE was turned on. 
Needs to delete the video that was streamed during that test but retain the same share links.

Why This Happens

A live stream event is scheduled, advertised and the event is a major marketing initiative, so lots of assets are attached to that already created web link for viewers to be able to watch the live stream event. Then, the night before the event, the conscientious web engineer tests the stream like they are supposed to do. Everything works fine. They stop the stream. At that point, the URL for that live stream is no longer attached to their all important pathway to their live streaming event that they have been advertising for weeks because the Auto Archive was turned on, changing that live stream event into the saved video of that test as soon as they clicked on STOP. So, when the time comes for the live stream to begin, it’s a new URL, not the one that has been handed out and shared before hand.

Solution After the Test.

Letting the test stream the night before be replaced and reactivate the shared live stream URL.

  1. Login and go to SETTINGS of the archived video
  2. Click on CHANGE VIDEO FILE and click on ADVANCED
  3. Change the video back to a Live Stream. It will retain the published URL

Solution Before the Test.

Preventing the important URL from being used.

Create a new live stream player just for testing. The live stream tests are largely for technical infrastructure like cameras, audio, the set, lighting, and production value, etc,. not testing the URL address. The test for the URL address should have been accomplished weeks in advance before publishing it and marketing assets being dedicated to it.