3 Steps for Business Video Success; Upload Video Under Your Brand, Target Your Viewers, Repeat

Own Your Own Web Video Platform

Yes– sounds like the famous hair shampoo directions to “Wash, rinse, repeat.” But, there’s a reason Proctor and Gamble has been printing that line on the back of millions of bottles of shampoo– it works. Here’s a short but powerful web video plan that works, every time. This is the short list that should be a […]

Web Video WIKI Serves up Real Answers at Customer’s Convenience


EZWebPlayer’s new WIKI site is chalked full of real situational answers for uploading videos to the web. Watch this short video on how to get to our new WIKI site; an entire web site devoted to helping EZWebPlayer web video customers find answers on specific features as well as general web video solutions. Watch the […]

Word Press and Your Web Videos Connected: Use the Free Plugin to Deploy Videos Fast

EZWebPlayer-WordPress Plugin

EZWebPlayer’s Word Press Plugin makes web videos a cinch to publish and manage. Our Word Press video management plugin can be just the thing you need to speed up your video posting workflow within Word Press. The EZWP Word Press Pro plugin hands you access to all of your EZWebPlayer videos and categories from within […]

Live Stream Under Your Full Control; Your Audience, Your Branding and Your Advertising


EZWebPlayer’s WHITE LABEL adds amazing, over-the-top value to everything in your web video toolbox– including live streaming. Truly Free Trial; no credit card needed.   See live example here of your custom landing page. Above is only one example. Many predesigned templates await your use. Just copy and paste. Before you fire up your next live stream, […]

The Triple Whammy of Uploading Your Web Video on the Cheap

The Triple Whammy of Uploading Your Web Video on the Cheap Advertising, Branding and Premium Amazon Hosting Only EZWebPlayer gives you these three biggies at the lowest price in the industry. Advertising. Attach advertisements to each video or an entire channel of videos simple, fast and no extra charge. (Call-to-Actions) Custom Branding. Put your own branding […]

WHY use EZWebPlayer White Label Custom Video Hosting? CUSTOM DOMAIN BRANDING!

Own Your Own Web Video Platform Hosting Sharing

If you have videos, you have lots of video hosting choices. Why host your videos with EZWebPlayer’s White Label Custom service? The SIMPLE answer is that hosting your videos with White Label Custom makes it look like YOU OWN YOUR OWN VIDEO PLATFORM. Your name, brand, logo, identity is everywhere…and no third party host or […]

The Obvious Web Video Marketing MegaTrend No One’s Talking About and How to Jump On It

real people trend in video marketing

So what’s the latest video trend web video marketers are flocking too? If you guessed “Pranking” or “Adver-pranking” you were close … the growing trend no one is talking about is “Real People. ” Movie studios, big brands and even podcasters are showcasing real people doing real things. Whether they’re being scared, funny or revealing – real […]

Should I Host My Web Videos on YouTube, Vimeo or My Own Site?

no self video hosting solutions

We’ve been searching the web for “Where should I host my web video?” …the answers we found were surprising and disappointing. Most take a technical approach to answering the question, such as 10 Reasons Why You Should Never Host Your Own Videos which offers a couple of good reasons you should avoid self-hosting such as… Server Bandwidth […]

4 Ways to Mobile Optimize Web Videos from Shoot To Playback

device close up image

We’ve been posting a lot about mobile lately – especially since global web traffic surpassed 50% and is estimated to jump to 70% in 5 years (Mobile Data and Web Video) – so we thought we’d get back to basics for a quick post and remind folks that being mobile ready isn’t just about transcoding, […]

The 5 Year Forecast is a Shocker for Mobile Data and Web Video


Google, Facebook and others, are all-in on mobile … so, of course you can understand why the team here at EZWebPlayer is “Leaning-in” to mobile web video as well. But, that didn’t stop Cisco from shocking us in their annual Mobile Data Traffic Forecast Update 2013 – 2018 … sure the title is so dry, if whispered, […]