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Live Streaming for Every Situation; Dedicated Support Crew to Get You Started; No Extra Charge

No excuses left; you can start live streaming that event today. And, with our free trial, you could even live stream that event absolutely free. Register here for your free trial account that becomes your permanent EZWebPlayer web video account. *** REGISTER HERE FOR FREE TRIAL *** No credit card needed. Many businesses and organizations […]

Live Streaming; Biggest 3 Questions Answered by EZWebPlayer Biz Video Specialist

Live stream from mobile to all devices

Regardless of your economy, existing equipment, experience level– if you have sufficient bandwidth (most do), you can start live streaming regularly, and afford it. for Business; this Monday’s sales meeting– you can do it! for Church & Worship; this Sunday’s service– no problem! Truly Free Trial; no credit card needed. Worried about a fast enough Internet connection? […]

123 Punch of Web Video Marketing; EZWebPlayer Delivers in 2015

Fast Start Your 2015 Web Videos

This issue of EZWebPlayer’s eNews mentions the anachronism SEO quite a bit. For a full discription of S.E.O., go here.    For a fast start in 2015, choose a web video host that delivers maximum punch instead of minimum effort. EZWebPlayer is the most feature rich web video player in the industry. Compare it to ANY other player. […]

One Click; Change Video Content, Links and SEO Remain in Place

EZWebPlayer has the magic button that changes your video file.

Being able to change out the video file while leaving all other assets, links and pathways in place just makes sense. Why isn’t anyone else offering this? After all of the pathways, links and SEO have been setup, you probably wish you could use that same placeholder for several video assets instead of just one […]

Leverage Web Video in 2015 to Get Better Results; Get More Mileage From Each Uploaded Video

EZWebPlayer’s Call-To-Action tools are built for successful web video campaigns. Don’t just post your video– leverage the power of your own advertising campaign in front of and after your feature video. EZWebPlayer’s advertising module allows you to quickly insert pre and post short videos to highlight features and guide your audience into what they need […]

New Year, New Video Tools; Live Stream from iPhone 5 Now in Beta. Download Free for iTunes

Live streaming broadcast from your fingertips to the world-- EZWebPlayer

Starting right now you can Live Stream from your iPhone 5 using EZWebPlayer’s free iOS Live Streaming app!. Use that older iPhone 5 just collecting dust– minimize getting interruptions from phone calls and email notices while you live stream from any WIFI capable location. In order for us to field all of the interest in our new beta […]

3 Steps for Business Video Success; Upload Video Under Your Brand, Target Your Viewers, Repeat

Own Your Own Web Video Platform

Yes– sounds like the famous hair shampoo directions to “Wash, rinse, repeat.” But, there’s a reason Proctor and Gamble has been printing that line on the back of millions of bottles of shampoo– it works. Here’s a short but powerful web video plan that works, every time. This is the short list that should be a […]

Web Video WIKI Serves up Real Answers at Customer’s Convenience


EZWebPlayer’s new WIKI site is chalked full of real situational answers for uploading videos to the web. Watch this short video on how to get to our new WIKI site; an entire web site devoted to helping EZWebPlayer web video customers find answers on specific features as well as general web video solutions. Watch the […]

Word Press and Your Web Videos Connected: Use the Free Plugin to Deploy Videos Fast

EZWebPlayer-WordPress Plugin

EZWebPlayer’s Word Press Plugin makes web videos a cinch to publish and manage. Our Word Press video management plugin can be just the thing you need to speed up your video posting workflow within Word Press. The EZWP Word Press Pro plugin hands you access to all of your EZWebPlayer videos and categories from within […]