About EZWebPlayer
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EZWebPlayer is EASY – EZ hosting, EZ sharing, EZ control

EZWebPlayer makes video hosting — placing videos online — easy. It’s a remarkably simple video management solution in one user-friendly, feature-packed player. EZWebPlayer gives you key features including Video on Demand, Live Streaming, and depending which of our three subscription levels you choose, you can also have domain rebranding, branded video sharing, user logins, mobile support, reselling, and much more.

What’s domain rebranding? Put your “TechDemo” video on YouTube and its web address is YouTube.com/—whatever–. Put it on EZWebPlayer and you can share it using your own custom URL – like yoursite.com/TechDemo. For all-important professionalism in today’s sophisticated cyber world you’ll get extra points by bearing YOUR company ID, no one else’s.