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Organized Video Libraries Draw Viewers


Play the sample video here and notice the channel icon in the upper right hand corner. A larger video collection is obviously the type of account that would enjoy the greatest benefit from this feature, but one only needs a single video in your account in order to activate it. Dozens or hundreds of videos being associated in unique ways of your choosing makes for interesting viewing choices for your customers. And, each of your videos can be cross associated to multiple channels—no limit.

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  • Any channel that has two or more video files will present an onscreen scrolling playlist for selection. Or, coupled with our default playlist templates, or customized template playlist to match your web site, will present a static or scrolling playlist outside of the player—next to or underneath the window.
  • No matter what your content, a channel can help keep your viewers engaged longer and coming back more often. Become the authority in your local market on whatever it is you are promoting by continually populating your channels with new material.
  • Five layers deep of an organizational sub channel tree. Use these and create organizational channels within channels.