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Exclusive RIGHT FEATURED Environment for Your Videos

We at EZWebPlayer develop the environment to give you right-featured video hosting and playing services with personal customer service at an affordable price. And we partner with Amazon Web Services to deliver our platform. We chose Amazon Web Services because of their deep and broad infrastructure. Amazon’s S3 and CloudFront service with unlimited storage, cloud-based lightning-fast speeds, and reliable 24/7 deployment are unique in the web video hosting industry.

Subscribe to our White Label CUSTOM Plan and you get all this: -Complete administration console branding, -Sub Account logins, -Custom domain-branded players, -Domain-branded video sitemap, -Domain-branded video landing pages, -Reselling and much more!

EZWebPlayer’s White Label CUSTOM allows you to avoid the enormous cost of platform development— you simply “skin” (customize) our site to look like yours. You can use our technology for your own needs while you resell it.