What others have to say

So far it has been VERY EZ. You guys got my attention right away with the “Live” Support! Many of my students will be newbies to the web in general, or just non-techie’s so this is a HUGE selling point, I’m going to stress that when I tell people about EZ Web Player.

Your help has gone beyond what would be considered normal. It is recognized and greatly appreciated. I can see if problems arise ever again that you will work to correct the matter without my need to worry.

Thank you. I cannot not do it now. I am actually in a web developer class as we speak…smile. You have been absolute GREAT! Thank you so much for all of your help.

I have let a few friends into the site to check it out and one comment they all made was how cool the Voting feature was.

I still have not heard from them. I found your site the same night, had a LIVE chat (WooHoo!) with you and I’ve heard from you no less than three times since!

I have had NO problems with EZ Web Player and I am a firm supporter, it proved to be easy right away.

You have a great product and a great team.I am recommending you to all I know.

You are the first company I have done any business with online that has sent me a personal note, THANKS!

I love good communication!