Track your viewer stats in
at-a-glance AND detailed displays

Whether you’re sharing videos to entertain or to sell, they can’t just “look good” – they must perform. EZWebPlayer’s analytic tools give you precise metrics to determine a wide range of performance aspects.

Video Exit Rate Report reveals problem so you can fix it

You want your viewers to watch your videos to the last second BUT many don’t. Identify WHEN they click away and you can do strategic fixes to keep eyeballs where you want them – on your videos. EZWebPlayer’s Average Video Exit Rate gives you exit time codes to the second.

Use Case: A 50% Average Exit Rate

Knowing exactly when people stop viewing your videos lets you see how long the video is keeping the attention of the average viewer. EZWebPlayer’s Average Video Exit Rate report shows that everything’s fine OR that there’s a problem…so that you can do something about it.

For example, you want your audience to watch your videos to the last second. If your 30-second video has a 100% exit rate, it means 100% of your viewers are watching all 30 seconds. But if your exit rate is only 50%, it means half your viewers are watching only 15 seconds before clicking away.

Reveals problems so you can fix them

The last thing you want is people losing interest and leaving. But knowing how many leave, and especially WHEN they leave, helps flag a problem so you can fix it.

What causes viewers to lose interest and click elsewhere? For starters, remember attention spans are measured in seconds these days. Your video may be too detailed, or too long, or not get to the point fast enough, or have lower production values than others, or simply lack pizzazz.

Maybe it’s a relevance factor. Your video might be tagged incorrectly so an audience searching for great Danish composers may end up on your video about Great Dane dogs and leave as soon as they start viewing!

So, just as regular health checkups show both what’s good and bad, EZWebPlayer’s Exit Rate Tracking reports show you what’s right AND what needs fixing.

Ratings: Which of your Videos are Winners, Losers?

The beauty of EZWebPlayer’s Total Video Ratings report? It’s a popularity contest for your videos. Viewers rate your videos showing you what they like and what they don’t. Why should you care? If viewers LIKE what they see, they’ll watch more, buy more, and come back to your site more often.

(Did you know? YOU, the advertiser, get tired of your own videos long before your audience does. Use EZWebPlayer’s Total Video Ratings report to take your audience’s pulse…not yours.)

Track Video Views: Which videos are performing best?

Let’s say your website plays two dozen videos hosted on EZWebPlayer. How can you tell which videos are performing best and earning their keep? EZWebPlayer’s View Tracking report shows you precisely WHICH videos get viewed the most frequently to help you attribute expenses and earnings where they belong.

100% Customizable to your domain and brand.