Getting Support for Your Account in the EZWebPlayer Online Video Hosting Service

EZWebPlayer uses a robust Service Desk. In order to use its powerful interactive communications and tracking system, you’ll need to either create a fresh Support System Credential using your email and a password that you choose, or login to the Support system if you have already created this credential.

The Link to Our Support Portal

Follow the onscreen instructions at this link, Support.

Finding the Solution to Your Issue

Our Support hub has menus and choices to help narrow down and classify what you need to be handled as quickly and accurately as humanly possible. We do not fully rely on automated solution ‘bots, we use real humans for that. Though, you will find some  suggestions based on your choices of wording that the automated Support Helper EZbot thinks might be helpful. So, to reduce your communicating time, keep an eye out for a short list of suggestions.

Alternate Support Contact Point

As an added help, you may also simply email our Support Department directly for any reason, at [email protected].