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Introduction to Call to Actions

The Call to Action is our version of your own advertising module within your video player. Using our Call to Actions gives you access to inserting short videos and image links before, during and after your feature video. Even your livestream player can enjoy Call to Actions.

There are three types of Call to Actions; Pre-Roll Video, Post-Roll Video, and Image Pop-Up

The Pre-Roll Video

The Pre-Roll is a short video that plays when viewers click on any of your feature videos or live streams. At end of play of this short Pre-Roll, the feature video plays.

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The Post-Roll Video

The Post-Roll is a short video that plays at the end of any of your feature videos or live streams.

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The Image Pop-up

The Image Pop-Up is an image that is a clickable link to any live URL on The Web that will show up during the playback of you feature video.

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Supported Video Encoding Settings

  • Video Duration: 10 Minute Max
  • Supported File Types: See More

Supported Image File Types

  • Available File Type: .jpg, .gif, .png