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IOS and EZWebPlayer via Switcher Studio.

Switcher Studio is video production software that lets you record and stream high-quality video using only iPhones / iPads as your cameras. You can wirelessly connect up to nine iOS devices for a single video production.

Follow the steps below to setup your livestream.

Operating tips and suggestions.

  1. Power. Remember to provide for reliable power when planning your multiple device shoot. Whether in a studio or outdoors, you do not want one of your “cameras” to reach critical low battery state during the shoot. Because most iOS phones do not have replaceable batteries, you may consider having backup iPhones, tablets, etc ready to replace those which run low– and replace them long before critical state is reached.
  2. Switcher Studio might be best for shorter events, as opposed to long shoots like 1 hour and longer; mostly because of the power requirements and the devices in question in the above Tip #1.
  3. Remember that each device has a unique I.D. and signal pipeline that needs setting up. Doing this on the fly in mid shoot is not best case scenario.

Getting Started

If you already have Switcher on your devices, you may go to Step 6.

Step 1. From within your iOS device, Open the “App Store application”.

Step 2. Search for “switcher studio

Step 3. In this demo we will be taking a look at the free version “switcher studio basic”. Select “switcher studio basic“.

Step 4. “Install/download” it to your applications.

Step 5. Once installed, “open” the new application.

Step 6. Select “Use as switcher“. This will allow you to make this device the main livestream source. From this device you can run your livestream. If you have this application on other iOS devices you can use the “Use as camera” option to add multiple camera sources to your livestream shoot.

Step 7. Select the “triangle” icon to alter the livestreams source and settings. This will allow you to hook up your EZWebPlayer livestream to Switcher Studios.

Step 8. Select “Outputs” to change where this livestream will be sent to.

Step 9. Select “Streaming Video Platform” to push this livestream to your EZWebPlayer embedded video player.

Step 10. Click the “Plus” Icon.

Step 11. Now we are at the point in attaching EZWebPlayer’s RTMP URL and Stream Name to your Switcher Studio application. If you already have this you can jump to Step 18. In the next few steps we will show settings up a livestream player on the fly while in the IOS device. Double click on the home button of the IOS device to select the available open applications and select the home screen then open your web browser to go to EZWebPlayer.com.

Step 12. Once logged into your account go to your “VIDEOS” page and “create a new player”.

Step 13. Select the “advanced” option.

Step 14. Select the option “Create a fresh RTMP livestream using our service and Adobe F.M.L.E.” and hit create.

Step 15. Select “Next“.

Step 16. And select “Finish“.

Step 17. Give your player a “Title” to make it easy to find later. I called this example player “Switcher Studio”.

Step 18. You will now want to click and hold on the “FMS URL” to open the Select All and Copy features in the IOS device. This way you can copy and paist the FMS URL and Stream Name into your Switcher Application instead of having the type them in. Once the “Select All” option shows up, select it.

Step 19. Your FMS URL should now be entirely highlighted. Select the “Copy” option. It should now be in your clipboard.

Step 20. Double tap the home screen button again and select the Switcher Application screen.

Step 21. Within the “Server URL” click and hold on the available text to open up the Select All option. Click on “Select All“.

Step 22. Then click on the “Paste” option. Your streams FMS URL should now be set as your Switcher Studio’s Server URL. Now let’s put in your Stream Name as the Switcher Studio Stream Key/ID.

Step 23. Double tap the home screen button and select your browser application.

Step 24. Click and hold on the “Stream Name“, then click the “Select All” option.

Step 25. Now click the “Copy” option.

Step 26. And double tap the home screen again to select your Switcher Studio application.

Step 27. Click and hold on the “Stream Key/ID” text field. Then select “Paste“.

Step 28. You should now be ready to go. Click on the “RTMP Channels” option to go back one screen.

Step 29. Make sure to set up your stream’s settings/broadcast options. Then hit the “RTMP Channels” option to go back 1 screen.

Step 30. Select the “Menu” option to go back to the main screen.

Step 31. You are now all set to livestream using Switcher Studio. In the right menu double tap the screen you want to stream. In this example I only have 1 camera setup so I would double tap screen 1. Once it shows up in the main screen select the “Live” option to run your stream. In this example I streamed the EZWebPlayer that ran this stream showing the stream working in the EZWebPlayer. Good luck and happy streaming. To learn more about switcher Studios please visit switcherstudio.com