livestream studio with greenscreen

—Can’t be Stolen by Competing Videos

EZWebPlayer’s WHITE LABEL adds amazing, over-the-top value to everything in your web video toolbox
—including livestreaming.

livestream studio set with green screen

If you play videos on your own player…

…and drive your viewers to it, your audience can’t be stolen by competing videos like on web video forums that are public, like YouTube. Because livestreams viewed on your site are viewed by a livestream audience that you own. Oh sure, use YouTube’s millions of views to your benefit: post teaser videos that drive viewers to your web site where they spend most of their time watching full videos instead of ten-second clips.

Before you fire up your next live stream, make sure you can at least perform these top 7 functions;

  1. Brand your livestream with your URL and nobody else’s branding.
  2. Create the custom settings you need most for fast, one-click, live-streamer tools. Link and deployment stay the same. Just click START in your streaming tool, and it’s live.
  3. High Quality 720HD live streaming video and up
  4. Automatically play your custom introduction or advertisement video before broadcasting with Call to Action
  5. Play over The Cloud globally via the Amazon Web Services structure (included)
  6. Share your live stream via: +email link, +versatile IFrame embed code, +interactive Javascript, +text link for emails, +Word Press plugin, +Easy deployment to Face Book and other social media
  7. Auto Archive– have the live stream viewable after the event, automatically (included)

“… and the best part about EZWebPlayer’s live streaming is that you can have the player page match the customer’s web site.” — David Simpson, Streaming Media Live, North Hollywood, CA

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Thanks for reading.
Stu Marks,, Sales/Support