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Styling the Control Bar

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Simple and Elegant Control Bars


All of the control bar styles on the palette are of subtle and well-crafted colors and shading. They will fit seamlessly with literally every design style imaginable by professional designers and developers as well as the more pedestrian users.

Differences are available in both color and texture. Colors are of every major base of the rainbow to be able to either fit or contrast perfectly within color families. Textures are either flat two-dimensional or a shaped three-dimensional feel arrived at by perspective shading.

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  • When you have distinctive web site colors and textures where you are embedding the player, being able to choose a control bar style that matches is quite the luxury. You don’t have to settle for some other designer’s ideas.
  • Each video is unique, from serious business to fun animation and beyond. The many styles you have to choose from gives you the ability to match the video’s tone to the player’s feel in color and texture.