Landing Page Templates

The Base Structure for Your Video Landing Page or Video Portal

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Custom Domain Branded Video Landing Pages


Present your videos or your client’s videos in an expressively unique way that competitors cannot duplicate, while at the same time laying out a video portal that is highly utility driven towards ease of choice and use by both vetted customers and the market in general.

These coded templates are ready to customize or can be used as is to either fit in seamlessly with existing corporate styling online, or stand alone as a turnkey video portal. Main player screen is supported by the scrolling or static playlist.

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  • Perfect for shortcutting for specific projects, separating the video portal from the corporate identity deliberately, or when a corporate web site is absent.
  • The custom part enters in because all of the coloring and imagery is editable to fit to the existing styling of the corporate web site—under the same online folder, either root folder or sub folders, makes no difference.