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Main Dashboard

At-a-glance data is handed to you immediately upon login to your EZWebPlayer dashboard every time. This data is paramount for not only your own video campaigns, but for any customers you may be serving.

This dashboard is a gateway to remind you of what’s important. Handing your customers proof that you are making a difference is like writing yourself next month’s paycheck.

Video Tracking

Knowing how your market is reacting to your video assets is not just useful, it is the other entire half of utilizing video. After you create, upload and share your video, you MUST then be aware of how it is being received. Otherwise, it’s not marketing, it’s just guessing.

The EZWebPlayer Analytics Module tracks and reports continuously on each video.



Ad Tracking

Your CtAs (Call-to-Action / Advertising) are also tracked. Every view and click.

Insert a CtA pre-roll in front of your feature video. Check back the next day, week, month, or year to see how it’s being watched or clicked on.

The same for a clickable pop-up that leads to your ordering page or scheduling form URL. Check back to see how often it was clicked on. Make changes to see if you can up the results.

How do you know to make changes if you do not have this vital market data?

Campaign Tracking — A/B Testing

When you have a CtA attached to a video, you have created a specific campaign module that needs tracking. Your individual videos will do better with a specific CtA match-up than they will with others. Mixing them up and trying different combinations will give you more data: thus better overall results.

This is called A/B Testing. Run two sets simultaneously or one set at a time, changing in between Analytics checks. For even better learning results, only make one change at a time to learn what your viewers respond to.