Hot Video Production Company Chooses White Label to Host Videos

Lightswitch, a Lightbank company, produces high quality online videos for small businesses at affordable prices using their national network of over 5,000 local videographers. Lightswitch created a proprietary customer portal to show its customers their videos, get approvals, and give customers their “quick share” link to add the videos to their websites.

Lightswitch is growing fast and deals with a large number of videos weekly. Their video hosting choice? EZWebPlayer’s White Label video hosting package. Lightswitch’s Project Manager of Post Production, Lawrence Marshall, tells us why.

“White Label gives us features we couldn’t get elsewhere.”

“Other players don’t offer any customization beyond their standard features and they won’t build any for you. They don’t allow commercial work to be publicly uploaded so we have to have a web video hosting service.

It was easy to choose EZWebPlayer’s White Label once we met with the company in person. They really wanted to work with us. They listened and implemented features we requested. They worked with our developers to roll out some customer features other players don’t offer. And the low monthly price for a full White Label package has been very helpful.

“You don’t need
to be tech-savvy”

It’s easy to mount videos with White Label. We just copy the Quick View link and paste it into our backend user interface. You don’t need to be tech-savvy to do it. Our web developer built the site to accept White Label’s Quick View links. Even people at Lightswitch who don’t do coding can embed videos into our platform.

I use EZWebPlayer’s White Label daily. It ranks high because the company is so willing to work with us. They’re constantly coming up with ways to boost their player and the speed of web video delivery.

Lightswitch partners with EZWebPlayer in large part because they’re easy to work with; they roll out new features regularly; their pricing is extremely competitive and a great value. And EZWebPlayer partners with Amazon CloudFront. That gives Lightswitch CloudFront’s powerful delivery platform — that’s peace of mind.

Advice for other companies considering a web video player? It’s hard to beat EZWebPlayer’s price and UNLIMITED web hosting.”