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File Posting

The following represents EzWeb's File Posting Guidelines (Guidelines). Any files you upload to our Website must conform to these Guidelines; if you upload a file that does not conform to these Guidelines, we reserve the right to remove it. These Guidelines may change according to our business needs and we may amend them at any time by posting the amended terms here. Such changes become effective immediately.


You may not post any file that contains any of the following content:

  • Promotion of terrorism; hate crime; harassment of businesses or individuals; or the commision or endorsement of illegal actions under local, state, and federal laws of the United States of America;
  • Rape, torture, abuse, sadomasichism, and related materials;
  • Copyright content that is not yours or that you are not licensed to display;
  • Anything, which in our sole discretion, may cause legal issues or liability for us or our other users.
  • Pornographic content cannot be uploaded to the EZWebPlayer Storage area. This content can only be configured using the “Use External URL” option during the add video process.