White Label Domain Branded Admin Console

When you own your own video platform, YOUR corporate name, logo, and ID are the only ones viewers see. When you have that branding exclusivity, all the focus is on your brand, not on a third-party hosting service.

Pay $100,000 or $99.99?

Developing your own proprietary video platform can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars. Or…you can host your videos on EZWebPlayer’s White Label Custom service and have the APPEARANCE of owning your own video platform for just $99.99per month.

Domain Branded Administration Console looks and feels like YOUR Video Platform

EVERYTHING on White Label Custom can be custom domain branded with your domain name: your video playback URL, your video channels, your landing pages, your player itself, your live streaming videos…and with White Label Custom even your administration console.

And because ONLY your name, domain name, logo, and brand appear with White Label Custom hosting, it looks for all the world like you own the video platform. Why’s that important? Because it increases your credibility. It makes you look like a serious player who has the capital and resources to build and support its own video platform.


Resell with Sub Accounts

Use EZWebPlayer White Label Custom to add value to your existing service by providing video hosting to your clients using our Sub Account feature. This allows you to provision user accounts to your very own video platform and make money by reselling video hosting or simply adding value to your existing clients.

So if you want to build credibility, host your videos on your own proprietary platform. And if you want to own your own video platform without paying $100,000+ or more to develop one, sign up for EZWebPlayer’s White Player Custom service. Get all the custom branding advantages of a proprietary video hosting site for just $99.99 a month!

Brand your sub account’s activation email.


100% Customizable to your domain and brand.