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Reach more and do more
with custom domain branding

Subscribe to EZWebPlayer’s White Label CUSTOM Plan and you get all this: complete administration console branding, Sub Account logins, reselling, custom domain-branded players, domain-branded video sitemap, domain-branded video landing pages, and much more! EZWebPlayer’s White Label Custom™ allows you to avoid the enormous cost of platform development – you simply “skin” (customize) our site to look like yours. You can use our technology for your own needs while you resell it.

Reach out to your viewers with your own custom logos and messaging. Choose to deliberately brand your players and your video web page with a seamless message of professional stature. Every video, every view with your identity.

We at EZWebPlayer develop the software to give you right-featured video hosting and playing services with personal customer service at an affordable price. And we partner with Amazon Web Services to deliver our platform. We chose Amazon because of their deep and broad infrastructure. You get Amazon’s S3 and CloudFront with unlimited storage, cloud-based lightning-fast speeds, and reliable 24/7 deployment.

The right services, the right delivery system — that’s convenience, quality, speed, and security other video platforms can’t match.

Enterprise Level Hosting and Sharing using your Domain & Brand

EZWebPlayer is the fast and easy way to host and share your online videos. Our premier White Label plan gives you true enterprise features for maximum control, customization, and flexibility.

Available only from EZWebPlayer, White Label gives you maximum features and capabilities at a far lower price than other video players. Full features, simple operation, real customer service, low price — that’s EZWebPlayer value.

QUICK FACTS – about White Label and White Label Custom:

  • Best EZWebPlayer Plans
  • Most Services, Features
  • Medium/Large Businesses/EDU/Reseller
  • Scalable
  • Custom Domain Branded Video Sharing
  • Custom Domain Branded Video Landing Pages
  • Custom Domain Branded Administration Console (with White Label Custom only)
  • Sub Account Logins for Reselling (with White Label Custom only)
  • Automatic Transcoding for HD and mobile
  • Live Streaming
  • UNLIMITED videos
  • Virtually UNLIMITED bandwidth
  • UNLIMITED Amazon S3 storage

Serious about video? Check out White Label’s enterprise features:

  • Custom Domain Branding — Other video platforms place their name on their players. Example: Videos hosted on YouTube display “YouTube” on the player’s frame. It’s simply more professional to display YOUR domain name/logo on your player…or none at all. It allows you to own your content and the player, instead of the other way around.
  • Custom Video Landing Pages — Create totally customized player pages WITHOUT coding. Instantly turn a QuickView page into a Video Landing Page. Add custom text, graphics, colors, designs. Add a call to action, add links. It’s easy. Custom Landing Pages are only available at EZWebPlayer. Click here for more details.
  • Unlimited Live Streaming — With White Label Custom, you can stream live events to up to 200 viewers at a time. Live stream meetings at your home office to your field staff. Live stream presentations, sports events, podcasts, webinars, conferences, educational classes graduation events — virtually any event. Need more than 200 users? Talk to us about streaming to UNLIMITED audiences for affordable fee.
  • Automatic Transcoding — Upload a video file using White Label and we “transcode” it seamlessly in the background: we code your files in two formats. One file is created with HD quality for those who view your video on their computers; the other for viewing on mobile devices like smart phones and tablets. Result: your viewers watch your videos in highest possible quality their devices can receive.
  • UNLIMITED — There’s NO LIMIT on how many videos you can host on your White Label plan. Virtually No limit on monthly bandwidth. No limit on super-dependable Amazon S3 Storage. No limit on transcoding. And no limit on the number of QuickView Video Landing Pages you create.
  • Backed by Amazon Web Services — We partner with Amazon – one of the most solid and trusted providers on the planet. With White Label, you get lightning fast streaming and reliable storage of your valuable videos.
  • Great Tech Support — We created EZWebPlayer from scratch. Should you need tech support at any time, please call, email or chat online with us — we know EZWebPlayer inside and out.

Owning your own video platform opens sales doors and profit opportunities. Brand EZWebPlayer as your own and resell it using our White Label Custom plan.

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100% Customizable to your domain and brand.