Video Sitemap
Getting your site to the top of Google search results

A sitemap helps search engines index your site. A higher index means higher SEO ranking. Without a VIDEO sitemap, videos are invisible to search engines. EZWebPlayer makes it easy to create a video sitemap so your videos go from invisible to “SEO magnets!”

One Click Video Sitemap

With just one click, you can publish your video to EZWebPlayer’s Video Sitemap. That single click puts your video AND your website in the sights of Google’s massive search engine so they can be crawled, indexed, and ranked.

Download Our Video Sitemap For Your Website

A video sitemap gives you a major SEO advantage. Don’t waste time or money building your own. Download our video sitemap and put it on your website. Our Video Sitemap Generator is FREE for EZWebPlayer subscribers to download and use on your site. It’s as simple as cut and paste.

Double SEO Advantage with Video Sitemaps for Channels

Channels are groups of related videos. If you’ve created channels with EZWebPlayer’s Channel feature, you can also use our Video Sitemap Generator to create video sitemaps for each channel. This gives you a 2-way SEO advantage: making each video in the channel visible to search engines; and raising the ranking of your channel as a whole.

100% Customizable to your domain and brand.