EZWebPlayer Soft Limits
An innovative way to avoid a big surprise streaming bill

EZWebPlayer’s mission is to make it easy and affordable for you to store and share as many videos as you wish. One of our three plans is sure to fit your specific needs. All of our plans have tons of great features, many of them unlimited. But all our plans have limits including NUMBER OF DAILY VIEWS.

  • Daily Views
    (Soft Limits Apply)
    (Per Account)
    (Including Sub Accounts)





White Label


White Label Custom

    +$25 per month
    per 5K view added

Why do we have limits? So that we can offer super-affordable hosting and sharing for all – for those with just a few videos to share, and those who share hundreds of videos.

We recognize you cannot control how many people watch your videos each day so our daily video view limits are “soft limits.” Should you exceed your plan’s daily view limit, we’ll send you a friendly “limit exceeded” email that reports which of your videos are causing you to exceed your video view limit. “That’s all, just an email. No other action is taken at that time. Your video or live stream will operate just fine even though you have exceeded originally intended limits. Thus the term, “SOFT Limits”.

After three such emails within a month, we’ll ask you to move up to a plan that fits your actual usage. Upgrading to a higher limit plan avoids any interruption in your video hosting and sharing service.

When you upgrade, all your videos and all their settings are saved. And upgrading is easy. Simply click the My Account and click Upgrade to adjust your plan.[/wrapper]

100% Customizable to your domain and brand.