Video, Quality, and Playback

Supports ALL major video formats – plays ANY video

It makes absolutely no difference what format your source video starts out as. If it is on your hard drive, and you want it to play through EZWebPlayer, we can find a way. From easy to hard cases, our Support guys are masters at getting video on the web.

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Supports today’s highest quality, high definition video – up to HD720

EZWebPlayer lets you host and share HD720 quality video at no extra charge. Don’t hold back; upload your best stuff. EZWebPlayer supports very high quality video. The better quality video you upload, the better it will export — up to 1024 width and a 3,000 bit rate at export. That means you can view HD quality on standard monitors!

HTML5, Mobile, New Device Support — no extra charge

EZWebPlayer is constantly updated and upgraded as conventional technology evolves — no extra charge. As new mobile platforms emerge, we add their video platforms to our infrastructure so you can watch EZWebPlayer operate on iPhones, iPads, and Droid mobile devices.

Mobile Transcoding — Automatic, simultaneous creation of video files for desktop computers AND mobile devices.

As you upload videos to our enterprise-level Pro and White Label plans, they transcode (—define transcoding–) two files at once — a parent file for desktop computers, and a smaller file for mobile devices and slower internet connections.

EZWebPlayer automatically transcodes two files at once. You don’t have to figure out which settings are best for various devices or re-render software. EZWebPlayer does it automatically, in the background.

Creating two files at once simply makes sense. Having two version allows you to reach all the market you can. Your important video content can reach all of the desktops, cell phones, pads, and any other mobile devices. 2-for-1 transcoding at no extra charge.

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Manage Videos Hosted on Other Platforms

No matter where your video library is hosted on the web, you can share it through EZWebPlayer. You don’t have to move them to our servers to enjoy all of the great sharing tools that EZWebPlayer provides. All it takes is pasting a URL. Any hosted .mp4 or .flv video that puts out a URL, whether standard HTTP or RTMP, can be linked through our dashboards.

Use Case:

Being able to share videos through EZWebPlayer regardless of where the videos they are hosted is a best-practice tool for businesses of any size. It’s easy to understand why: rather than keeping track of many video hosting and sharing platforms, you can manage ALL your video assets in one location, one platform, one hosting and sharing solution.


100% Customizable to your domain and brand.