Premium Hosting with
Amazon Web Services
Right-Featured Hosting with World's Best Delivery System

EZWebPlayer developed the software that gives you right-featured video hosting and sharing services at affordable prices, backed with personal customer service. We partner with Amazon Web Services to deliver our services because of their deep and broad infrastructure. Amazon’s S3 service gives you unlimited storage; Amazon’s global reach gives your videos lightning-fast delivery; and EZWebPlayer’s partnership with Amazon gives you affordable pricing.

The right services, the right delivery system, the right pricing — that’s convenience, quality, speed, and security other video platforms can’t match!

Lightning-fast delivery worldwide via Amazon CloudFront

With no fewer than 28 delivery locations around the world, Amazon CloudFront is our chosen media partner for video delivery. Your videos are delivered blazing fast with the best available bandwidth within each region. So, from Seattle to Miami, or Sao Paulo to Hong Kong, we’ve got you covered.

Full Time, Real Time, Automatic Backups — your videos are SAFE, backed by Amazon Web Services

Your valuable video library is backed up in real time, full time, every day, many times each day, on many separate servers using Amazon S3 and CloudFront’s globally-distributed delivery node locations. All your videos, all your content, all your settings are safe and secure.

UNLIMITED Videos, UNLIMITED Storage with Amazon S3

With EZWebPlayer, you’ll stream your entire video library at blazing speeds to viewers anywhere on Earth. Thanks to our partnership with Amazon Web Services, you get UNLIMITED video uploads and storage, plus plenty of bandwidth with Amazon’s CloudFront

Centralized, Intuitive Dashboard measures your success easily

Everything you need to manage your day-to-day video file operations is at your fingertips. Our well-designed dashboard is partitioned into just a handful of modules that are easy to understand intuitively. The function controls are labeled in layman’s terms, not filmmaker or web master “tech language.”

NO TECHNICAL SKILLS NECESSARY — if you can type you can upload videos

If you can click a checkbox and type simple titles, you can upload your videos to EZWebPlayer. NO code, NO programming. All the hard work is done for you in the background. From uploading video, to changing video settings to, adding advertising, and creating analytic reports, you need only basic computer skills to operate at a pro level within one of the Web’s most powerful video management applications: EZWebPlayer.

100% Customizable to your domain and brand.