It’s as easy as 1-2-3

Uploading Your First Video

There are a couple of other ways to add new videos but this is the most straight forward workflow. Our cloud based system allows you to navigate directly to the hard drives on your computer, or to anywhere else your computer allows you to navigate, in order to choose the video files you wish to upload. So, most of this should be very straight forward for even the most novice computer user. Delegating video uploading can be either a media professional or a key office staff; either way, your videos gets uploaded safely and securely.
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Creating a Live Stream

Becoming informed about every technical aspect of live streaming is not necessary. But, knowing a few basics is. As you deal with live streaming more, you will pick up what you need in all areas, for now, know that:
• the size and shape of the player directly affects whether or not your video window will fit into the space you intend
• the video settings such as Frame Rate, Format and Bit Rate will affect the quality and *viability of the stream (*whether it will operate or not)
• the audio settings can affect both the *viability of the stream and the quality of the sound
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Customizing Your Player

These are your videos so we help you to make them appropriately unique but still uniform for a truly top level appearance. Player settings customization allows you to customize the placeholder in which your video files play. When you are changing the settings of a Player, you are not affecting change to a video, but rather modifying the Player in which it plays. Forgetting this simple fact can cause confusion. Changes you can make to the Player settings include turning on and off virtually all of the visible overlays like the Play Icon, changing the player color and texture and important infrastructure like channels and CtA’s.
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Sharing Your Videos

“Sharing” your video is the same as “Publishing” or “Posting” a video. You can post a video to social media like Face Book and Twitter, send video links via email using a simple text link, or embed a video player in your custom web site which will play any video you send through it, making your entire video archive available through just that one player. Following, you will learn how to embed a Player on a web page, share a link in an email, or post a Player to social media.
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Creating a New Channel

Creating a new channel is only part of all there is to learn about channels. Channels are what power the video list that you can hand to your viewers that give them more viewing choices, which keep them on your site longer, for one thing. But, videos viewed through channel control is valuable for more than simply viewer interest for your general site hits. Long videos and larger video projects can be categorized and linked through the use of channels. And, all of the channels also add to the powerful SEO of your site when tag and description fields are properly populated.
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Creating a Call to Action

Call to Action is EZWebPlayer’s term for our advertising assets module.
Also referred to in writing as “CtA.”
You can upload short videos and use them as inserted shorts that play before (pre-roll) or after (post-roll) any parent video.
There are three types of Call to Actions;
• Pre-Roll Plays before a video
• Post-Roll Plays after a video
• Image Popup Image that shows up over a video and is clickable to any URL Typically, these images are created within image manipulation software like PhotoShop.
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Using Analytics for Your Videos

The Analytics section displays comprehensive viewer data that is only visible to the EZWebPlayer account owner or anyone that has access to the analytics page which could include sub-account holders or co-account holders. Click on the ANALYTICS button in the main tool bar at top and you will be brought to the primary analytics page which hands you an at-a-glance peak at top level analytics of the videos in your account.
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Using Analytics for Your Call to Actions

The Analytics Call To Action section displays comprehensive viewer data that is only visible to the EZWebPlayer account owners. Roll over the the ANALYTICS button in the main tool bar at top and then click on CALL TO ACTION.
Using the Views/Clicks graph you will be able to see a general summary of how your Call to Actions are doing. This graph will show you the overall views of your video or image Call to Actions as well as the amount of clicks your image Call to Actions generate. You can also use the Date From/To search fields to drill down the view/click analytics to a year/month/date of your choice.
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Rebranding Your Video’s Share URL as Your Own

This option can be found in the MyAccount page’s White Label sub section and allows you to rebrand the player’s quick view URL. As the URL to any page is the product of the domain under which a web site is managed, changing this web address requires editing of your domain provider’s Domain Name Server information. This function is typically accomplished by IT professionals or web domain owners on the web site that hosts the domain; for example, GoDaddy.com.
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Customizing Your Video’s Quick View Layout using Landing Pages

A custom Landing Page will allow you the option to quickly customize your player’s Quick View page to have the look and feel of your web page’s design. We have several templates pre-coded for your use that can be customized even further with the help of HTML and CSS and operate no deeper than copy and pasting. This way you can rebrand the quick view page with your web site’s color scheme. You will have the option to use HTML, CSS to code your landing page as well as the option to create a custom playlist that will be automatically generated based on the videos within its connected channel. You may also upload your own imagery to your landing page as well; for example your logo that can link back to your web site.
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Rebranding Your Account’s Login Portal

Rebranding the login portal for all of your customer’s video accounts allows your branding to govern the page instead of EZWebPlayer. This is a standard procedure and part of the White Label account experience. From logging in to logging out and everything they accomplish in between, your sub account customers will never see EZWebPlayer’s branding or name anywhere. Only your branding and identity will be announcing under what company they have signed up for web video management.
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Creating Sub Accounts

Creating your first sub accounts is really nothing more than allowing a customer to enter their email address in a field and choose a password. The heavy lifting is all automated by the EZWebPlayer White Label infrastructure.
Whether they are Admin Level or simple Sub Account operators, these accounts are easily created and managed in your Sub Account console.
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